ACTINO Biosupplement enhances the productivity of your produce

The Actino biosupplement, a revolutionary bacterial-based product tailored for mushroom cultivation, significantly elevates productivity by enhancing the quality and extending the shelf life of mushrooms. This results in higher yield rates and improved overall mushroom health, setting new standards in agricultural output.

Embracing the Actino biosupplement promotes sustainable agricultural practices by minimizing environmental impact and fostering healthier growth patterns in crops. This supplement exemplifies our commitment to eco-friendly farming solutions, driving forward a greener, more sustainable future in agriculture.

Watch the Magic of ACTINO Supplement!!!

Experimental Group – ACTINO Supplement Applied

Control Group – No Supplement Applied

The above time-lapse video clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of ACTINO biosupplement, showing a significant 30.33% increase in yield over control groups across three successive flushes and harvests of mushrooms. This consistent improvement in yield not only highlights the potential of our biosupplement in mushroom cultivation but also underpins our commitment to advancing agricultural biotechnology for sustainable and efficient farming practices.

Benefits of ACTINO Biosupplement

Reduction of Production Costs


Reduction in Harvest Cycle

Increased Nutrient Uptake

Improved Quality, Quantity and shelf life

ACTINO mushroom supplement is an innovative “AgriTech” product that is applied at the spawn run stage to enhance nutrient uptake and yield by 33%, reduce the harvesting cycle by 3 days, cut costs by 25%, control contamination, and mitigate mushroom stress responses through an agronomic process.

Contrary to the conventional mushroom supplements in the market, which are nutrient-based, ACTINO biosupplement is based on bacteria. The current supplements provide nutritional amendments to the substrates employed for mushroom cultivation, while ACTINO biosupplement has no additives and the bacterial nature of the supplement stimulates the mushroom to absorb more nutrients from the substrate.


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We multiply microorganisms in predetermined culture medium to develop new biostimulants

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We assess your farm and determine how ACTINO supplement can help you boost your yield


We provide the world’s first bacterial supplement to increase button mushroom yield


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Our Mission is to unlock the potential of nature to improve the quality of agriculture and make bacterial-based supplementation a central part of future agriculture. ACTINO Biosupplement Inc. will be the leading organic agricultural supplement provider with focus on sustained growth